What is Natural Diving?

Always on the wave of Forest Immersion   and being in Nature we have created the Natural Immersion within the territory of our farm, a route marked with plates in precise points and guided by a map and an audio guide.

How do Forest Diving differ from Natural Diving? The main difference is autonomy. In Natural Diving you will do a path independently, with an audio guide, while in Forest Diving a guide will lead you on a path in the woods

Why did we come up with all this?

Not only Tourism

Our farmhouse has made a choice, that of setting up its work on the passage of information regarding Nature.

We don’t just want to welcome, but we want to host people who come to us to rediscover lost contact with nature, to regenerate, get rid of toxins of all kinds accumulated over time, physical, emotional and mental and why not, maybe even heal from some ailments.

What you need to know about Nature

One of the first things to know about Nature, as well as itself by its nature cures, (read the article “Nature that cures”) is that it is important to be in Nature , being with the Earth, with the trees, with the leaves, with the living beings that populate Nature undisturbed, insects, butterflies, birds, earthworms, ants, bees, the world of Nature is very populated and we forget about it too often.

Then we must learn to listen, listen to the inside and the outside

We can move the veil and try to talk to Mother Nature, ask, connect and try to understand that language that passes through the senses, which is special and is different from speech, it is a whisper, it is a sign, it is an internal feeling, it is made up of all these things put together, perceived, understood, felt.

We have created all this for you, to make you spend a special moment, to make you regenerate and be able to leave the Earth what is wrong or no longer needed, to spend moments of health, well-being, clean air and, if you wish, good food too!

You can take advantage of this service, always by reservation, whether you are a guest of our farmhouse or a non-guest, combining it with dinner:

  • As internal tourists you can ask at the moment, when you like, without any constraints. Cost €25
  • As external customers, you can arrive at 17.00, make your route with an audio guide, have dinner and round off the evening with good food and a nice glass of wine and enjoy this unique experience and < strong>rare that you will find only with us. Cost of Natural Immersion + Audioguide 25 € + Dinner 28 € excluding drinks

You will go home with nice memories, a belly full of good taste, lots of health and a notebook in which you will have noted down the salient points of the entire experience.