If you will be a guest of our Agriturismo, you can choose between choosing to have a special experience by spending a few hours of your time before doing an individual Pilates lesson or a QiGong lesson and immediately followed by a massage Shiatsu that will make your journey in Chianti unforgettable.

The union of these two disciplines, QiGong and Shiatsu, are a perfect combination of relaxation, regeneration and self-love.


QiGong serves to nourish life energy and keep it flowing in the body to ensure health and longevity. Through Qigong you work for Qi. You will do more or less dynamic exercises where Xi breath, Shen body and Xin mind work together. Qi cong is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is used both to strengthen balance and psychophysical well-being in general and to counteract specific disharmonies of the internal organs. It is performed standing up, it is not tiring and has no particular contraindications. Shoes with little or no heels and comfortable clothes are enough to practice Qigong.

Qi, literally breath, is what composes all the phenomena of nature. For the human being Qi can be translated with Life Energy. Thought, organs and blood, for example, are all made of differently condensed Qi.


QiGong is an ancient practice of Chinese Medicine that we also find in Martial Arts, which proposes body postures, movements that, linked to breathing, meditation, mental concentration, offer a psycho-physical balance and a healthy well-being of the body. The description of some QiGong exercises can be found in the inner book of the Yellow Emperor, 200 BC, but also 2,500 years ago, in fragmented finds showing 44 men engaged in physical and respiratory movements. This practice was handed down from generation to generation from Master to Student, until 1,900 AD, where it was then banned in China, but it spread throughout the world, thanks to globalization until 1985, when Dr. Qian Xuen, had Qi Gong definitively approved by the Chinese government as a means of treating illnesses and supporting the person’s psycho-physical well-being.


  • Rooting
  • Breath work
  • Mind Control
  • Slow and Aware Movement Control
  • Wellness and protection of the joints
  • Improved Memory and Concentration


Shiatsu is a Japanese body technique. It is based on pressure exerted with hands, fingers or other parts on the recipient’s body without the use of force. This detail makes shiatsu a different technique from others of western origin. It harmonizes all energy areas of the body by stimulating the self-healing ability of the human being. It is used for pain in general, anxiety, nervousness and tiredness. The treatment takes place with the recipient dressed in comfortable clothes and can be performed both on the mattress lying on the floor and on the massage table.


Shiatsu was born in ancient times and its origins are lost in the history of Chinese Medicine, even if it is thought that this discipline derives from the ancient Japanese medicine Kampo, in turn introduced in Japan around the sixth century AD. from the expansion of Buddhism. This medicine is composed of several techniques and disciplines, such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion, manipulations and pressures on the body. Chinese medicine believed in the body as a single organism and that diseases develop as a result of an intoxicated and therefore weakened organ no longer performing its task, thus weakening other secondary organs as well.

In 1868, with the Meiji dynasty and the modernization to the Western model, the Emperor forbade traditional practices in favor of Western ones, but these survived in Japanese culture and so Master Tenpeki Tamai found another name to present the manipulative techniques of his work, hence the name Shiatsu and his return to the light of the sun. A great contribution to the recognition was given by Tokuijiro Namikoshi who developed a technique and a method that spread throughout Japan until it was recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Health in 1955.


  •  Reduces anxiety, stress and tension accumulated in the body
  • Improves lymphatic and blood circulation
  • Tinifies the state of the various organs
  • Useful for insomnia
  • Useful in pregnancy
  • Global body balance technique


Nicola Montagnani


  • Sports masseur;
  • Shiatsu masseur;
  • Qi Gong teacher;

My name is Nicola Montagnani, born in 1966, I live in the province of Florence.

I met Qigong in 1995 and since then I have been practicing it with increasing dedication.
In 2008 I graduated Shiatsu Operator and after another 3 years I became a teacher.
In 2012, I obtained the basic diploma of Shiatsu Namikoshi, and in 2013, I finally graduated as a Qigong Practitioner.
Finally, in 2015, wanting to get to know the western vision, I obtained the diploma of Sports massage operator.


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