In this globalized world, where the distance economy is in force, where food has become a business, where commodification is the basis of food, we, in our small way, try to take a step back and resume healthy habits from the past eating and offering our guests self-produced or locally produced food, the so-called 0 km food.

We have seen and understood that the food model developed over the last 50 years is largely wrong. Because, on the one hand, resources are consumed at an incredible rate, while hunger reigns in one part of the world, and on the other, the food supply chain “has become a joke”: feed made in South America, pigs raised in Usa and meat cooked in Beijing or biscuits produced in Piacenza, bagged in Germany and sold in Spain, saffron imported from India, when instead we produce it very well in our territory.
And sadly, these are just a few examples.

An economy set up like this doesn’t work!

This is why choosing a 0 km power supply:

  • To allow the seasonal cycle of the soil, according to its rhythms, so that the production of the nutrients it possesses in nature can be optimized and supported;
  • To produce healthy food, complete with all its original nutrients and healthy for our body;
  • To reduce CO2 emissions in our territories, breaking the incredibly long transport chains.

So how to do?

It is not an easy question to solve, because the problem is really big, global and certainly not immediately resolved, but we believe in the “drop theory“: that is, each of us in his own small way, with his commercial and consumer choices, by asking questions, questioning himself, looking for solutions, can contribute and steer the market in one direction instead of another.

What could happen if we all started buying as much as possible
only food made close to home?

Surely the market would move!
We have great power in our hands and we must commit ourselves to using it for the common good!


The Italian reality, in particular, lends itself to developing an economy that focuses on Km 0, even if this is not the case for everyone.
There are studies that show that only 27% of the world’s population manages to obtain their cereals within a radius of 100 km.
In general, a high percentage of the population lives more than 1000 km from the production areas. (Taken from Cibo Sovrano by Maurizio Martina)

We believe that solutions must not deny the existing, but analyze the critical issues to remove them, integrate with the past and personalize them.
In fact, each nation will have its own environmental characteristics so as to produce healthy food for everyone and then also be able to export it.


As an Agriturismo, as a small local company, as well as producing food with a synergistic garden, as well as developing a food forest, we have chosen to give our Agriturismo customers local food, from organic cultivation: healthy, wholesome and above all good!

In particular we produce:

  • Olive Oil  because our Agriturismo is located in Chianti: an area that has fields of olive trees and vines as its cultivation;
  • Saffron  together with other small realities we have brought this ancient local crop back into vogue and we are in the Consortium of Saffron of San Gimignano DOP.
    In fact, in ancient times San Gimignano was a land of cultivation of saffron and so, like others, we thought it could be the right habitat to continue and continue to invest in this beautiful and good flower.


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