What if walking in the woods or simply being in Nature had beneficial effects on our health?

It looks like the answer is yes!

For some years now, studies and research have been carried out all over the world that demonstrate this innate healing ability of Nature. These researches, of which you can find sources anywhere simply by reading up on the internet, have demonstrated for years now how important it is to be in nature to balance related values for example:

  • metabolic syndrome, such as cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar;
  • to the many disorders related to the nervous system;
  • stress such as high cortisol, slowed metabolism, anxiety, depression, nervousness, attention disorders, excesses of anger.

Being in Nature balances the senses, increases the production of positive emotions and images, develops creativity and calm.

It seems that even the immune system benefits from being in Nature by raising the blood values of specific immune cells, just as the cardio circulatory system also seems to reactivate by balancing heart and blood pressure values, memory, attention and concentration gain strength and the self-healing ability that resides in each of us is activated, just as all the cells in our body are revitalized and regenerated.

A real health bomb!

natura cura

There are countries such as Japan, Canada, the USA, Scotland and Sweden where the doctor directly prescribes natural immersions, just as is currently done in Italy for thermal treatments.

Each animal species, like the human one, has its own habitat and moving too far from this creates the risk of developing pathologies that are simply dictated by this distance and this is what is happening in many countries civilized.

In recent years, this new pathology has arisen linked to excessive urbanization, which they have called a “nature deficit”: man cannot stay too far from his habitat because otherwise he will fall ill.

Environmental air pollution, that of water, food, sound, excess crowding and the visual disturbance linked to always being on the PC or in front of or near technological sources, leads to children or however to make adults stay in environments that can be defined as toxic or in any case not suitable for the Human Being, who is instead linked to Nature because he himself is nature. And here is the importance of being in Nature, of recovering that little piece of ourselves, of our Human Nature, without which we are incomplete.

The “Nature that heals” is our newborn project, which gives a new direction to our work in the area. There are many other countries in the world, as well as Italy, which are moving towards promoting official recognition of these benefits.

What do we do to heal naturally?

In our own small way, as an agritourism and a group of professionals, we aim to be a Centre Immersed in Nature that favors these processes, both with our intervention and our holistic-type activities which aim to develop relaxation, awareness and well-being, but also simply by offering activities that exploit the benefits of being in Nature.

We have decided to offer these activities in our Agriturismo because they integrate with our style of hospitality and are consistent with the message we have always wanted to convey: the simplicity of harmonious life.

We have developed a path of Immersioni Forestali which takes place at the Castelvecchio Nature Reserve and at the Pieve a Cellole, two enchanting places.

Being in close contact with nature regenerates and maintains contact with ourselves!

Nature allows life, makes us breathe, offers us food, absorbs our toxic waste and also takes care of us!

How to do without it?

Take advantage of it!

Put yourself forward!