Did you know that many events are held at our farm, including the Forest Medicine practices called Forest Immersions?

In the last fifty years or so the Human Being has detached himself too much from Nature of which he is an integral part and this newly conceived activity, which comes from Japan and is spreading throughout the world, seems to recover that lost relationship between Man and Nature and fill the gaps that this distance has created.

In particular we collaborate with A.I.Me.F., Forest Medicine Association, the largest association in Italy that deals of this subject, in which we graduated as Forest Medicine Facilitators, qualified to carry out the practices of Forest Medicine.

Aimef is trying to be recognized, as in Japan, Sweden, Scotland, part of the United States, as a medical practice for the prevention, promotion and treatment of lost health, on a par with spa treatments.

Furthermore, with Aimef we are carrying out the qualification project of the Castelvecchio Natural Reserve so that it can become a suitable place for practices of this discipline.


immersioni forestali

To qualify a territory

Qualifying a territory means planning a detailed analysis of the place, of the Earth, of the Air and of the Water through on-site surveys with specific detection machinery, to enable that Territory and be able to define it as healthy and more or less less suited to some health issues than others.

We know that there are many studies in the world on the healing capacity of Nature many have been done and many researches have proven that the molecules, the BVocs, which emanate from the vegetation in general , trees in particular, are molecules that have specific properties and are precise active principles. It therefore seems that simply being in Nature allows you to breathe them and therefore to benefit from their power. If you add to this specific relaxation practices, dissolving tensions, harmonization, you will be able to notice surprising results even on unbalanced physiological parameters. Read also our article “La Natura che Cura”.

From the “Manifesto of Forest Medicine”

“Many scientific researches all over the world have shown that the “Bath in Nature“, as taught by the “Forest Therapy” called “Shinrin-yoku“, a very widespread Japanese technique and what we call “Natural Immersion” among trees, bushes, flowers, meadows are able to: strengthen the immune system, improve mood, strengthen the cardio- vascular system, regulate blood pressure and heart rate, lower cholesterol, glycemia and blood toxins, increase the biological capacity to use energy, increase attention and concentration, reduce stress and chronic fatigue”

We are waiting for you to experience this new way of being in Nature, to develop Health and Awareness

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