Have you ever participated in a Sound Bath, such a beautiful experience?

The Castagnolino Farmhouse could not miss the Music in Nature! An experience to try, an event whose purpose is the nourishment of the soul, bodily relaxation and regeneration.


  • Bagno sonoro


The Sound Bath requires you to lie down or sit comfortably, often in Nature, completely listening to the music and fully receiving the beneficial frequencies that the instrument you are listening to emanates.


In recent years we have heard a lot about the Sound Bath of Tibetan Bells, Gongs, Crystal Bells, Handpans, etc.

It all comes from a very ancient use of musical instruments that had the intention of developing a spiritual and inner connection with the Divine.
In fact, music has always been an element at the center of many religions and we still know today that it also brings benefits to health, as has been recently demonstrated through the principles of Music Therapy.

Each instrument and musical note, according to the various chords, gives off a certain type of sound which in turn holds a certain type of frequency, always different, but always harmonizing for the cells of our body.

We know that music has a vibration and it is now known that every living being vibrates. It therefore seems that some instruments, played in a certain way, can bring balance to our entire body.

In fact, it seems that some frequencies stimulate cellular mitosis, others the neuronal system, others the nervous, emotional, systemic one, in short, that there may be real correlations between music, frequencies, body balance.

Music therapy states that sounds with higher frequencies stimulate the nervous system, load the brain with electrical potentials and therefore there is a enhancement of attention and concentration with a consequent higher level of physical energy and finally also that the music that uses the golden tuning at 432 Hertz is particularly capable of having a biologically therapeutic effect for our cells by inducing a generalized state of well-being strong> which makes us more creative, intuitive, stimulating the pineal gland to connect us with the harmony of the Universe.


    • Develop inner balance;
    • It promotes intellectual development;
    • Lower stress and anxiety levels;
    • Improves attention and concentration;
    • Helps the emptying of mental tension.

You just have to try it


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Sound bath


Crystal bells They ring at 432 Hz, they are 7 like the chakras and vibrate at their frequency giving balance.
They are made of pure hyaline quartz, which has the characteristic of having a spiral molecular structure, like our DNA and for this reason their sound is in perfect harmony with us.

Their vibration expands hundreds of meters in all directions and can last for several minutes before dissolving.

They are used as a therapeutic tool, both individually and in groups;

  • Producing physical and emotional body level breakouts;
  • Combining the benefits of Meditation, Music Therapy and Crystal Therapy.

The Crystal Bowls express the highest harmony and purity of sound

According to NASA, it is the sound closest to that of the planets.
Being ourselves composed of vibrations and sound frequencies, after hearing these sounds we feel good, as they bring us back to that vibratory sound of the AUM from which we come and in which we have existed since the origin of the Eternal Absolute, the Cosmic Vibration of harmony and love.

The interaction is then favored by water, of which the human body is made up to 70%, which will act as a conductor of energy.

It has been demonstrated by scholars that crystal bowls have an effect on the atomic structure of water, they are able to increase its energy level.



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Bells have always been linked to the awakening of Spirituality, to the call that the Spirit must have towards the Divine, so much so that in every culture and tradition we find bells in ceremonial and religious contexts, but also as therapeutic tool, assuming that attention and listening to the Spirit is a means of healing.

The tradition of using bells on the body in healing ceremonies rather than in individual treatments derives in particular from Chinese culture and developed during the Tang dynasty, 618 AD. and is still in use today.


 Sound Bath


The  Crystal Bells were born in America in the 80s, with the arrival of the New Age, the internet and globalization and are the result of the integration between ancient traditions and modern technologies.

They are the modern and westernized version of the Singing Bowls.

They are made up of pulverized Silicon Quartz and melted together at very high temperatures and also mixed with other minerals, such as Ruby, Citrine Quartz, Amethyst Quartz, etc., which, placed in more or less large moulds, create the cup shape.
The size and shape create the note.
They lend themselves very well to Spiritual Connection work.

They have a much higher vibration and sound than Tibetan Bells and their vibration is faster, more angelic, less earthbound.


  • Rebalances the entire bio-energetic system of the person by restoring the flow of energy;
  • It promotes deep psycho-physical relaxation;
  • It supports the process of cellular regeneration;
  • It helps meditation;
  • It favors the connection with one’s inner part;
  • Promotes concentration and mental clarity.

Silvia Grieco

Sound bath

  • Yoga Teacher
  • Masseuse
  • Master Reiki
Hello! I’m Silvia Grieco,
and a few years ago for personal needs I turned to holistic disciplines, finding great physical, mental and spiritual benefits and improved the quality of life!
My first great love …. Reiki, met at the same time as a Yoga Course, completely undermined what I believed were the guidelines of my life, translating them into false beliefs and bringing them towards that that’s my way.
During my personal journey I had the opportunity to meet, also through volunteering experiences, many people, adults and children with different problems, origins, cultures and lidifferent languages, and they taught me, that it doesn’t matter to speak the same language, that all the limits we believe may exist are only mental and that there is only one, unique and universal language….that of Love.
Today I do nothing but share with Love, what has helped me to change my life and make it better, subsequently forming me thus becoming my job, because I am sure that what has helped me it can help you too!
Your body speaks to you, we just need to re-educate ourselves in listening and in self-love.
Because Happiness and Health are cultivated day by day, in small steps.
Thanks to all the souls I’ve met on my way,
to those present and those I will encounter,
for all the Wealth you have brought to my Soul and will continue to bring!
Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, Yoga for Special Needs and Serious Disabilities, Tantric Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Metamorphic Massage, Relaxing Aromatic Massage, Decontracting Massage, Chair Massage, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
Master Reiki, AromaTherapy, CrystalTherapy, Mantra and Sound Healing, Foot Reflexology
Namaste Silvia

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