A 30-minute walk from our farmhouse stands Pieve di Cellole, a building from 1950 AD. overlooking the hill of the hills of San Gimignano, on the path of the Via Francigena, opening up to a beautiful panorama. The Pieve once a place of welcome for pilgrims and wayfarers, still today hosts the walkers of the Via Francigena



In the Pieve live the Monks of the Bose Monastery who in the quiet of these hills, manage to live their monastic choice, in peace and harmony, in the simplicity of fraternal life, in prayer, in hospitality and in listening to nature. Remember the teaching of the Apostle: “If someone does not want to work, do not eat” and so in this community everyone contributes a little of his work, including agricultural work, all the work related to hospitality, the offer of food, creation of jams, garden products, oil, etc.

The Community

They are a community of men and women who believe in Jesus Christ and find it right to live a life among Christians from different churches. They are not a religious order, a new church, a movement, but it is simply a place where one tries to live unity. They offer hospitality to those who share these principles and want to spend some days in silence, peace and prayer. They work


On the route that goes from our Agriturismo to the Via Francigena, just before the Monastery, you pass in the small and delightful Borgo a Cellole, a typical medieval hamlet. Path that can be easily done on foot from our Agriturismo, thus going to visit the Pieve and experiencing very beautiful natural places.


Right above, between the hamlet and the Pieve, there is a small grove magical and enchanted, where we offer our activities of < span style="color: #3366ff;">Immersioni Forestry.

We are sure that this half day with us, doing this path and these very special Forest Medicine practice activities, will regenerate you from all points of view, mental, emotional, energetic and physical and will leave you with wonderful memories of your holiday.