In all cultures of the world, massages have always been offered as a daily cure, both with and without oil.

In addition to a relaxing function, massages are effective in elasticizing the body and joints, blood fluids are revitalized, toxins are released and your whole person in overall he benefits from it, feels better and renews himself.

In addition to this, some massages can be aimed at treating specific parts of the body, such as the joints, the lymphatic system, the muscular system etc.
They can include the use of oils which, with their active ingredients, enhance the work of the massage or use only the touch, the touch, which has its focal importance.


When we talk about touch, we talk about skin.
The skin is an emunctory organ, that is, responsible for the purification of our body.

  • It is the largest surface of our body and is the border organ between our inside and our outside;
  • It is an organ of exchange between substances and psycho-emotional information that comes from inside to outside and vice versa;
  • It is the organ that is most in contact with the other, with the other person and that is most influenced by them.

Various information therefore passes and arrives through the skin, from the more physical to the more energetic ones, and this makes it an organ that should not be underestimated, but should be used.
Even dimensional information passes through the sense of touch.
For example, if we have the feeling that we don’t like a person or that there might be a ghost in that room, it will be the “skin sensation” that makes us feel it.

Touch is the internal response to an external touch.
Through touch we get excited and sensitize ourselves to the other.

As a guest of our farmhouse, you can take advantage of an exceptional in-room massage service, upon reservation and for a fee.

What could be better to start your holiday than a nice massage?



The word massage means “Shaping, kneading” and this art has always been used all over the world as a medical-healing art.

The first descriptions of massage-like treatments can be found all over the world, since 7,000 years ago. Particularly in India, China and Egypt has always been widely used and even to this day the therapeutic massage integral to traditional medicine in use.

We find traces of it both in the Mayan culture, and in the Inca and Greek ones. In short, for thousands of years all over the world, massage was considered healthy, to relieve suffering and pain, both physical and mental.

Many illustrious personalities such as Julius Caesar, Pliny the Elder, Galen, Hippocrates used them, sang about their benefits and studied their action.

Why can we think that this ancient tradition can still work today and alleviate many ailments?

Because the Human Being has not changed in its constitution and physiology and the recovery of traditions is part of an indispensable process,if we want to keep our health high!


Massage has many benefits:

  • Liberating;
  • Greeting;
  • Relaxing;
  • Decontracting;
  • Detox.

Here you will find a variety of massages designed especially for you.

Have you ever tried this experience as soon as you arrived on vacation?

This is the right opportunity to experience a new way to start your holidays, or end them in style and bring home a real taste of health and well-being, physical, body, mind.



Available from Monday to Sunday upon reservation.
The massage will be performed in the room and can be booked for a minimum of two people.

The treatments are as follows:

  • relaxing, anti-stress, lymphatic-energetic and oriental massage duration 50 minutes € 80.00 deductible health bill;
  • integrated deep, cranio-sacral, holistic massage Natural Fujon duration 1 hour € 90.00 deductible health bill;
  • health treatment personalized duration € 100.00 deductible health bill;
  • Schiatsu treatment  duration 1 hour € 70.00;
  • Swedish massage 1 hour duration € 70.00;



Relaxing Massage

Sweet and enveloping techniques to relax the body. The technique is applied with a constant movement of the hands and stimulates the oldest sensory energies, for magical well-being and relaxation.

Use of oils with the scents of Nature such as Lavanda del Chianti.

Anti-stress massage

This technique uses a deep body massage that focuses on the muscles and nervous system, which are activated by stretching movements and gentle tissue touch. Relieve tension and increase range of motion, thereby reducing pain and muscle fatigue with rosemary and thyme oil.

Lymphatic-energetic drainage

The stimulation of the energy channels causes energy and lifeblood to flow harmoniously. This massage is dedicated to the detoxification of the body and for the drainage of liquids. The feeling of lightness helps general well-being. The use of essential oils such as Orange and Lemon have effects on the lymphatic system.

Oriental massage

Ritual method of acupressure and more or less deep, slow or fast contact for the stimulation of the meridians and primary energy centers (chakras). The body detoxifies, relaxes and balances itself. Blocked energy finds a new life. Custom oils are used.

Integrated deep massage

Deep tissue massage is used to treat musculoskeletal disorders and employs a dedicated set of techniques to achieve a measure of relief. Designed to relieve severe tension in muscle and connective tissue. It has decontracting functions.

Craniosacral Therapy

It is a manual treatment that improves the internal movements in a person, through the cranio-sacral system, its principles of self-correctionand and the physiological and biological functions of our body. The techniques have a unique twist to aid in the release of tension and the release of pain and retained sensory emotions.

Natural Fujon Holistic Massage

The person and his needs are at the center of this global, harmonious, flexible work through bioenergy. Body contact and communication lead to a silent awareness of our abilities, to an empowerment in posture and muscle health, in a state of bioenergetic balance.

Healthcare treatment

Health and Healing is a combined experience practice of myofascial manual therapy and osteopathic manipulations. The correction of dysfunctions and structural and functional blocks are the core of this integrated work.



Dr Francesco Nannotti




  • Physiotherapist;
  • Osteopath;
  • Naturopath;

I’m Francesco, born in 1976 and my study path began with the degree in Physiotherapy in 2001.
I attended the “Master in Natural Medicine” in 2013 and I obtained the title of “Doctor in Naturopathic Medicine” in the same year.
In 2009 I attended the “Master in deep massage and essential psychosomatics”.
Since 2000 I have been training with improvement and specialization courses at certified private companies and associations in advanced manual therapy, Cranial Sacral and Emotional Somato Release, posturology and biodynamic osteopathy.
Since 2021 I have been in training as an “Integrated Gestalt Counselor“.

My professional career finds its expression in the research and practice of “Integration of systems and methods”, as evaluation, experience and
treatment methodology applied in various fields of holistic and health work up to the conception of the Natural Fujon Holistic Method.

I have experience in various fields of work, gained through collaborations with physiotherapy centres, holistic associations and other entities.
My style of treatment is “feeling and listening to the body” in all its aspects and dimensions: physical, energetic, postural and psychosomatic with that personal contact that sets me apart.
The multidisciplinary approach is “person-centred” and brings attention to the uniqueness of the human being and his integrated health for a better
psycho-physical functionality.

In the context of Wellness massages, I express my creativity applied to the various types of treatment, with that contact that makes each experience unique.

The client experiences a deep state of relaxation, efficacy and “being” with oneself, which lightens.



Shiatsu treatment

The Shiatsu is a Japanese body technique. It is based on pressure exerted with hands, fingers or other parts on the body of the rrecipient without the use of force. This detail makes shiatsu a different technique from others of western origin. It harmonizes all energy areas of the body by stimulating the self-healing ability of the human being. It is used for pain in general, anxiety, nervousness and tiredness. The treatment takes place with the recipient dressed in comfortable clothes and can be performed both on the mattress lying on the floor and on the massage table.

Swedish massage

Traditional oil massage, commonly called Swedish massage, is a relaxing massage performed on a bed. Since it involves the use of ointments, the client is without clothes or in a bathing suit. It is a massage on the total surface of the body, it is very relaxing and slightly draining. On request, essential oil can be added to increase the feeling of relaxation.


Nicola Montagnani




My name is Nicola Montagnani, born in 1966, I live in the province of Florence.

I met Qigong in 1995 and since then I have been practicing it with increasing dedication.
In 2008 I graduated Shiatsu Operator and after another 3 years I became a teacher.
In 2012, I obtained the basic diploma of Shiatsu Namikoshi, and in 2013, I finally graduated as a Qigong Practitioner.
Finally, in 2015, wanting to get to know the western vision, I obtained the diploma of Sports massage operator.



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