We have decided to include aperitifs or dinners accompanied by a Yoga class in our programming, because we believe that physical movement is essential and a fundamental prerogative for well-being, health and relaxation.


Yoga is a discipline that deals not only with the body, but with all human spheres: the physique, the body and the mind.
Each lesson is dedicated to you, that is to people who choose to live days of peace in nature, relaxation and regeneration.

The 1-hour Yoga practice allows the body and mind to:

  • Enjoy this regenerating break or holiday to the fullest;
  • Release the tensions accumulated during days in the city;
  • Eliminate annoying muscle and joint pain;
  • Increase your level of health;
  • Discharge toxic emotions and useless thoughts;
  • Regain motivation and participation in life.

Carve out this moment that will remain indelible in your memories.

For 2 Wednesdays a month you can practice Yoga immersed in the enveloping Tuscan nature of our Farmhouse.

Mattia will be with you who will guide you in practice and we will then conclude the lesson with an aperitif, a good glass of wine and good food offered by us.

Lessons last 1 hour and are suitable for everyone

Cost €30




 Yoga is very ancient and its origins are lost in history, but all Hindu scholars attribute the origin of Yoga to 5,000 BC. as representations of some posyogic intions on coins, tablets and seals belonging to that period.

The earliest written evidence has been found in the Upanisads, Vedic scriptures, which are philosophical and mystical poems, written in Sanskrit, that explore the nature of the human soul.

Also in the Bhagavad Gita, an epic poem of sacred value written in Sanskrit we often find the word yoga, understood above all as a lifestyle that guides us towards the liberation of the soul and of life itself.

All the knowledge of Yoga is handed down thanks to this book, from master to disciple until today.

The great spread of Yoga has been with the arrival of the New Age, globalization and the internet, which has allowed each of us to travel, learn, read, try and experiment with disciplines from different cultures, but truly suitable for everyone proposing a daily life and a balanced and healthy lifestyle, for body, mind and spirit.


at Agriturismo il Castagnolino


  • Reconnect with yourself: Yoga immersed in Nature allows you to rediscover your balance in the “here and now” and this will lead you to a sense of inner peace;
  • Regenerate your energy: breathe fresh air and nourish your body with the vitality of nature, regenerate mind and spirit;
  • Strengthen muscles: Yoga brings benefits to joints and bones;
  • Transform stress into serenity: the natural environment promotes deep relaxation, helping you manage stress and achieve a state of total well-being;
  • Generate positive connections: join a community of people who share your passion for Yoga and love for Nature, create bonds thanks to sharing special moments together.</li >


Mattia Bandini

  • Yoga and Meditation Teacher.

The love of sport has accompanied me all my life.
I practiced various disciplines including swimming, water polo and running.

During my adolescence I approached martial arts and I practiced kick boxing for many years.

I met Yoga many years ago, for physical and emotional reasons, and I started practicing in a Yoga and Dance center in my country.

Slowly, as Yoga teaches us, with constancy and determination, I became more and more passionate about this discipline, so much so that I practiced at various schools and with different instructors to learn the various styles and teaching methods .

Yoga has radically changed my life, improving it, and during the lockdown I decided to certify myself as an instructor, in order to be able to help others by passing on the teachings.

I obtained my teacher’s license at the Samadhi School in Florence, directed by Ceccarelli, one of the most renowned Yoga Masters in Italy.

I currently teach on Certaldo and online and collaborate with accommodation facilities in the area.

I hold private lessons or in small groups and the practices are suitable for everyone and tailor-made for the client.

I also teach Pranayama and Controlled Breathing Techniques.

At the Agriturismo il Castagnolino, I propose the following two techniques:


Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic practice that emphasizes movement and allows you to rediscover well-being by developing strength and agility.
A fluid practice that deeply melts you while you release tension and awaken your vital energy. In particular the practice of Asanas is carried out through “Vinyasa”, or flows or dynamic sequences of positions.


A static, calm, meditative practice, in which the aim is to reach an optimal level of tension in particular postures and maintain it in total abandonment, from a minimum of two, up to ten or even more minutes.
This “staying” in the positions allows us to act in depth, on the connective tissue, and therefore to work on the fascia, tendons, ligaments…
The joints soften, space is created, and tensions and blockages are released.