Are you looking for accommodation in Italy for your next vacation? Do you like to immerse yourself in nature and get in touch with authentic realities? The farm is the one for you.

But what is really meant by agritourism?

Historically, the farm was born from the need of many small farms to integrate their sources of income in the modern era. So the Italian government has decided to give farms the possibility to host tourists, carrying out tourist activities in addition to only agricultural activity. A precious resource for small farmers and a unique opportunity for tourists, offering them the opportunity to live and experience rural life in Italy and fully enjoy the Italian countryside.

What kind of accommodation is it?

It differs from vacation rentals or bed & breakfasts or guesthouses.

In general, a farmhouse is an independently owned farm that the owners decide to use – although usually only partially – for accommodation purposes. This means that the owners of the farmhouse are mainly farmers and that the rooms are part of the farm or annexes built nearby. The atmosphere is therefore often informal and customers often wake up to the crowing of the rooster or the yelp of the watchdog and fall asleep to the song of crickets and the glow of fireflies.

Due to the rural nature of the accommodation, one might expect a necessarily rustic experience. Many farmhouses instead offer services such as swimming pool, bar and restaurant.

One of the biggest advantages of staying on a farm is the food.

Usually complete dinners are offered with a fixed menu based on traditional foods, cooked with products from the farm itself or from nearby farms and accompanied by genuine local wines. Without forgetting the fragrant breakfasts based on fresh products such as eggs, freshly baked cakes, homemade jams and local cold cuts. There is no better restaurant than a farmhouse!

Furthermore, the agritourisms are generally immersed in the splendid Italian countryside,

ideal locations, where you can enjoy unforgettable landscapes and dream sunsets. If you like tranquility, silence, starry nights probably in almost complete solitude, the song of cicadas and the scent of lavender in bloom… a farm holiday is perfect for you!

Staying on a farm means first of all getting in touch with Italian culture

and have the great opportunity to meet authentic people and experience Italy and its people. In fact, on the farm it will not be difficult to talk to the workers or the family that runs the farm, chat with the locals and experience country life in Italy up close. Often guests can take part in dinners, tastings or cooking classes.

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