Sleeping on a farm has become one of the favorite choices for many tourists in Italy and, in particular, in Tuscany. This is because this accommodation allows us to fully enjoy the countryside and nature, to relax, play sports, experience rural life, get in touch with local people, taste delicious wholesome and fresh food and all this without having to give up comfort and at the service. Farm tourism has become so popular that it diversifies a lot, thus being able to satisfy all types of tourists:

  • the ecological tourist, looking for total immersion in nature;
    the tourist who loves wellness, looking for relaxation thanks to the wellness treatments offered;
    sports tourists who want to dedicate themselves to trekking, horse riding, climbing or cycling;
    the simple tourist looking for low-budget accommodation, who is not interested in service but in an economic alternative to accommodation;
    the gourmet tourist who wishes to taste authentic and genuine Italian food and wine;
    the relaxed tourist looking for a place to rest, enjoy the warm Italian sun, take a dip in the pool and enjoy good food;
    the romantic tourist looking for a refuge away from the chaos of the city;
    the tourist who loves country life, looking for an experience of Italian agricultural life, who for once in his life wants to milk the cows, pick olives and go in search of mushrooms

    In short, the farm holiday is able to satisfy a large number of travelers! Whichever farmhouse you choose, you will surely experience an authentic piece of Italian culture and rural life that you cannot find in a traditional hotel! But precisely because the offer is so different it becomes essential to know how to choose the right hotel for you.

    When selecting your farmhouse, we advise you to read the site carefully and make sure of the services offered, so you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

    Here is the basic information to look for:

    Where is your farmhouse located?
    Is it close to the city? Is it important for you to explore the surrounding area or stay on the farm to enjoy a relaxing holiday? It is important to understand whether important tourist destinations are reachable in the vicinity or not.
    Do you want to spend a lot of your time inside the farmhouse without taking the car? Are there nature trails or walks to do in the surroundings? Is it possible to borrow bicycles? Is there a swimming pool? Is there a bar service? Is there a common room? Can activities be carried out?

How can you reach the farmhouse?
Do you have a car or a motorbike? Most of the farmhouses are not accessible by public transport. Sometimes a shuttle service is offered from the bus or train station, but then you have to agree in wanting to spend the holiday inside the farmhouse.
Are you willing to go down a piece of unpaved road? Several farmhouses are immersed in the woods or in the countryside, in magnificent positions, but sometimes to reach them it is necessary to take a stretch of dirt road. Always make sure which roads lead to the farmhouse, how long it is and what the conditions of the unpaved stretch are.

What is the standard and type of accommodation offered?
Accommodations can range from simple rooms with rustic furnishings and shared bathrooms to ultra-luxury suites or apartments with whirlpool tubs and other unique perks. These can be independent mini-apartments or simple and welcoming rooms in the main house. Prices vary according to the comfort of course. Look carefully at the photos and read the descriptions carefully to make sure they correspond to the level of accommodation you are looking for.
24-hour reception, room service, television, Wi-Fi and air conditioning are not guaranteed services in a farmhouse, if they are necessary for you, make sure they are present in the farmhouse you have selected.

Also inquire about the frequency of room cleaning and linen change.

Are the rules the same as for a standard hotel?
Read carefully and follow the rules of the farm, for example the times for: booking meals, for breakfast, for check-in or check-out, for entering and leaving at night or for use of the swimming pool or of equipment. If time slots are indicated, always try to respect them or notify the owner if you have a problem. The agritourisms are very often family-run. The staff is always present and very helpful but small. Remember that the managers not only work in the structure, but live there and that you, first of all, are a guest of the family, even if you are a paying guest of course.

Is there a minimum number of nights required?
The length of your stay is not important. You can spend a night or one or more weeks on a farm. Only in some cases a minimum stay of 3 nights is required, but it is absolutely not a rule. Sometimes the apartments are rented for a minimum period of one week, but generally not the rooms

What is meant by a family atmosphere?
Don’t be afraid of the family atmosphere. The owners know how to be friendly, accommodating without being intrusive. If you prefer more privacy, we recommend that you choose a farmhouse that seats guests alone during meals. In fact, there are farmhouses where everyone sits and eats together with the owners. This is a very interesting and stimulating experience, but if you are looking for more intimacy, choose a farmhouse that offers a standard catering service.

We just have to wish you a good trip!